Welcome to our campaign website.

I can hardly believe that it’s been four years since beginning the campaign for my first term as Mayor of St. Petersburg. While challenging at times, it has been a tremendous honor and privilege serving as your Mayor.

In spite of the worst national economy in our lifetimes, we have seen St. Petersburg rebound and thrive. We are seeing new business development, private investment, job growth, increases in home sales and property values, and decreases in crime and unemployment rates. Your vote and support will ensure that we continue on the road of progress.

Please take a few minutes to look around this website to see all that we have accomplished, as well as my vision for the work that lies ahead. If you would like to share an issue of importance to you, then please do so and I will respond. Thank you for stopping by!

Bill Foster

We are very happy to add the Pinellas Realtor Organization to our growing list of supporters! Below is their official letter of endorsement: Dear Mayor Foster: July 25th, 2013 Members of the Pinellas Realtor® Organization’s Public Policy Committee appreciated the opportunity to discuss your candidacy for Mayor of St. Petersburg. We admire your interest in… read more »

The St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee recommended Bill Foster as the best candidate for Mayor in the Primary Election. This is an endorsement we are particularly proud of as it shows that our business community recognizes all the great work and strides we have made on their behalf. Thank you to all… read more »

Foster deserves another term as St. Petersburg mayor. Published: August 11, 2013 After four bumpy years, Bill Foster is asking the voters of St. Petersburg for another term as mayor. His handling of several high-profile issues has overshadowed his accomplishments, and he has drawn two formidable opponents. Kathleen Ford, a former city council member who… read more »